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BFI Holds Ibadah Qurban Drive-Thru

BFI Holds Ibadah Qurban Drive-Thru

On Thursday, 14th July 2022, BFI held its second Ibadah Qurban 1443H/2022M event in a drive-through fashion. This event was organised with the hopes of helping some members of the Sg Liang community to reap rewards from Allah as well as to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha with the less fortunate.

The proceeds from BFI Employees’ contributions went into purchasing two cows slaughtered by Syarikat Mohammed NorFaizal Bin Haji Zainuddin dan Anak-Anak, which was then donated to selected 120 members of the Sungai Liang village at Sungai Liang Mosque and it was distributed by the Ketua Kampung of the Liang-Lumut community and a few selected BFI Employees that participated in donations.




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